Fuel And Maintenance Card

Fuel Management Card

Designed to reduce fleet costs and improve reporting, the DRIVING FORCE Fleet MasterCard® provides detailed fuel and maintenance purchase information.* This includes vendor, purchase time, location, odometer readings, driver numbers, vehicle ID numbers, amounts and types of products purchased, and unauthorized transactions.
* Level 3 data is collected and reported by the vendor’s point of sales system or fuel dispensers.

Card controls can restrict purchases by certain parameters such as:

  • Vendor / location
  • Dollar amounts / transaction (inside the store 5541 MCC)
  • Dollar amounts / day or / month
  • Number of transactions / day

NO cash-advance capabilities

These card controls allow companies to stop transactions that fall outside these parameters with just one card and enable your company to better manage fleet fuel and maintenance expenses.

Benefits of Using a DRIVING FORCE Fleet MasterCard

  • Real-time controls and customized security settings on cards
  • Customized reports in file format your company requires
  • Posted transaction data available the next day

Driver or Vehicle Assigned Fleet Cards

Depending on a customer’s needs, the DRIVING FORCE Fleet MasterCard can be assigned either to a vehicle or an individual driver.

To be connected to a fleet management expert, please contact DRIVING FORCE Fleet Management Services at 1-888-337-7258, or by email at fleethelp@drivingforce.ca.

*The Driving Force Fleet MasterCard is issued by National Bank of Canada pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.