GPS Remote Management Solutions

DRIVING FORCE has partnered with a leading GPS software provider to supply our customers with GPS tracking services. DRIVING FORCE has multiple GPS devices on various networks to match your company’s specific needs. Along with this optimum service coverage, we deliver advanced reporting capabilities through an online software system.

GPS Tracking

Given the tremendous amount of complex variables and unique aspects of every business, DRIVING FORCE conducts a thorough and complimentary GPS needs analysis to establish your company’s priorities with regard to improving your fleet operations with the use of these tools.

Return on GPS Investment

Significant returns can be achieved using DRIVING FORCE’s GPS devices and software solutions to track fleet equipment, vehicles and employees. The individual ROI for your company depends on factors specific to your organization, however many businesses have experienced savings through improvements to six key areas

  1. Safety – Locate personnel and assets in remote locations. Be aware of emergency situations sooner and see exactly where a distress signal came from.
  2. Fuel Savings and Speed Reduction – According to Natural Resources Canada, driving 120 km/h consumes 20% more fuel than travelling 100 km/h. Reducing speed saves fuel and improves safe driving practices.
  3. Employee Efficiency and Billings – Be able to efficiently document and verify employee hours on the job. Significantly improves project cost control and time for managers and accounting departments.
  4. Asset Protection and Recovery – Know when vehicles or equipment have moved and where they have gone, even in remote locations. Remotely monitor engine performance to ensure that assets are operated responsibly.
  5. Green Initiatives – A typical three litre engine wastes 1/3 litre of fuel for every 10 minutes of idling. Knowing precisely how much your fleet idles allows for focused reduction programs and saves significantly on fuel costs.
  6. Maintenance Cost Reductions – Companies typically experience a 5% - 10% reduction in overall maintenance costs compared to non-monitored fleets, due to improved servicing schedules and reduced down time.

Customized Data Analysis

Using data from any GPS devices, DRIVING FORCE can provide customized data analysis services, such as tracking the utilization cycles of your fleet assets (regardless of whether they are owned, leased or rented). This type of analysis can result in significant cost savings as you can improve asset assignments and more accurately forecast vehicle and equipment needs. A separate charge for these customized services will apply.

Key Features of GPS Software

DRIVING FORCE provides our customers with real time accurate reporting that controls assets, saves time and cuts costs through:

  • Visibility into driver behavior (speed analytics, rapid braking / acceleration)
  • Idle time reporting for fuel savings and work maximization
  • Engine run time and virtual odometer reporting for improved maintenance scheduling
  • Real time location on all assets
  • Geo fencing of work sites to verify time spent inside and outside of locations
  • Use of Data Terminals and Garmins to send text messages and dispatch routes to the field
  • Work alone check-ins and monitoring
  • Engine diagnostics available that eliminate the need to send out a service vehicle
  • Set and Forget reporting – sends the required information in the timeframe that you need

To be connected to a fleet management expert, please contact DRIVING FORCE Fleet Management Services at 1-888-337-7258, or by email at