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About Leasing

A lease is simply an alternative purchase method. Leasing is a financial strategy that allows you to pay only for the portion of a vehicle’s value that you actually use. A lease takes into consideration the vehicle’s retail cost, your anticipated usage and desired payments, and the projected value of the vehicle at the end of the term. For some, the net result is a lower cost of use, making leasing the best way to finance a new vehicle.

Why Lease?

DRIVING FORCE ensures that our customers understand all aspects of their lease, including all costs and end-of-lease options. Consider all the cost implications of leasing before deciding whether to lease or buy your next vehicle. Credit availability, warranty, mileage, taxes, resale versus lease-end value… All these and more determine if leasing is your best option. You should lease your vehicle if it makes financial sense through increased purchasing power, optimized maintenance, or reduced vehicle costs.

For almost 40 years we have been providing commercial and private customers with the vehicles, service and pricing that keeps them coming back, time and again. See for yourself how we can help you realize the best possible returns on your lease investment.

Who Should Lease?

Two types of consumers typically benefit from leasing; businesses that need to manage vehicle costs, and individuals who want to get more ride for their dollar. Operating a fleet is costly and time-consuming. Acquisition and disposal of a single vehicle can cost thousands of dollars. A sound lease plan can optimize value realized. And for individuals who want to drive a new vehicle every few years, leasing is an ideal solution.

When Should You Lease?

A lease schedule should suit your business or lifestyle to benefit through cost and tax considerations, market cycles, and other factors. Lease term start and end dates impact your vehicle costs. Your lease should accommodate your financial calendar and also factor in what happens to your old vehicle. Our account managers can develop a plan that optimizes your lease-end value.

How Do You Choose?

The place to start is with making sure the vehicle you select will do the job, the way you need it done, for as long as you drive it. Don’t choose based only on emotional factors. It’s nice to drive the vehicle you like, but better to get the vehicle you need. We will conduct a needs analysis to define the vehicles that best suit you. Then you can move on to the fun stuff like, color, options and way-cool wheels!

Where does it start?

Start by talking to the experts and learning about the real costs and benefits of leasing versus buying your next vehicle. A DRIVING FORCE account manager can explain the lease options available to you; then consult an accountant to discuss the financial implications and advantages of leasing. Make sure you have all the facts before you sign, whether you’re leasing or buying.

No Hidden Fees or Costs

At DRIVING FORCE, we don’t hide behind the fine print. We make sure that our customers know the real cost of their vehicle lease. DRIVING FORCE leases are completely transparent, with all charges, costs and fees* clearly stated and included in your payment.
*taxes excluded

No Penalties

We don’t charge excess kilometre or reconditioning fees. Our customers drive with confidence knowing that their lease fits their usage - not the other way around. DRIVING FORCE leases take into account all aspects of your driving, so there are no expensive surprises in store at lease-end.

Lease-End Equity

DRIVING FORCE is the market leader in lease-end options. With decades of experience in used vehicle sales, our residual value* calculations will give you manageable payments and often result in positive equity at the end of the term. That equity translates into cash or a variety of options for you.
*value of the vehicle at the end of the lease

360-Degree Service

Your vehicle will be fully rigged and ready to drive when you arrive. DRIVING FORCE can look after all the details, from plates and insurance to signage and up-fitting. Aftermarket accessories are provided at no markup. From mud-flaps to lift kits to service bodies, our cost is your cost, and we always provide quick turnarounds. We will even deliver your vehicle anywhere in the province at no extra charge.

All Makes and Models

From sub-compacts to semis, DRIVING FORCE can deliver whatever you need. We aren’t limited to a single manufacturer, so we can provide unbiased advice on the best vehicle to meet your needs, and then deliver that exact vehicle. We also have our own used vehicle inventory available for lease. Whatever you need, DRIVING FORCE delivers.


At DRIVING FORCE, the end of the lease doesn’t mean the end of the service. We are here to help you re-lease, finance the residual, extend your lease, buy the vehicle back or help you sell it. We pride ourselves on being flexible on terminations and extensions, knowing that the end of a lease is another opportunity to provide value. For more information about leasing a car with DRIVING FORCE, including our competitive lease prices, contact us at info@drivingforce.ca today! Simply tell us about the vehicle you want for personal or business vehicle leasing and we will follow up with you about your leasing needs.