Leasing FAQ

Q: Can I lease any vehicle I want?
A: Yes. DRIVING FORCE Leasing can provide any make, any model, domestic or import.

Q: Can I lease a pre-owned vehicle?
A: You can with DRIVING FORCE. We are experts in pre-owned vehicle valuation, and frequently lease used vehicles. Ask us about any model you are interested in.

Q: What happens if I want to change vehicles during the term of my lease with DRIVING FORCE?
A: Simply contact us and we can transfer your lease to a new vehicle. No penalties apply. A nominal fee to change legal registration and re-register security against the new vehicle may be applied.

Q: Are there mileage restrictions?
A: Not typically, but in some closed leases, where the buyout or residual value of your vehicle is guaranteed by DRIVING FORCE, mileage restrictions may apply.

Q: What happens to my vehicle at the end of my lease?
A: You have the option to return your vehicle, purchase it outright, or trade it in.

Q: What happens if I want to terminate my lease early?
A: Simply contact DRIVING FORCE to make arrangements. We will assess your vehicle and determine any outstanding balance owing or positive equity to be paid to you upon termination.

Q: Am I responsible for maintaining my vehicle during the term of my lease?
A: You are responsible for costs to maintain your vehicle in good mechanical and cosmetic order. Keeping your vehicle in good shape will also help create a higher market value at the end of your lease.

Q: Are Down Payment and Cash Due at Inception the same thing?
A: No. Since lease payments are typically due in advance, Cash Due at Inception includes the Down Payment, GST, registration fees, any vehicle accessories, plus your first monthly payment.